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Villa Savoye

Poissy, France
by Le Corbusier, ...

The Villa Savoye is considered by many to be the seminal work of the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Situated at Poissy, outside of Paris, and designed in collaboraration with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and completed in 1929, it is one of the most recognizable and programmatic architectural..

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The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (often referred to as "The Guggenheim") is a well-known museum located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. It is the permanent home to a renowned collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern, and contemporary art and also..

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Pierre Koenig

born 1925, San Francisco

Pierre Koenig (October 17, 1925 – April 4, 2004) was an American architect. Born in San Francisco, he received his B.Arch. in 1952 from the University of Southern California. Koenig worked with Raphael Soriano, among others, and began private practice in 1952. Koenig practiced mainly on the west..

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The Barcelona Pavilion, also known as the German Pavilion, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as the German national Pavilion for the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition. The Pavilion was conceived to accommodate the official reception presided over by King Alphonso XIII of Spain along..

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Kappe Residence

Los Angeles, USA
by Ray Kappe

Californian based architect, Ray Kappe designed his modernist home in Los Angeles that sits within the steep landscape, utilising sustainability and new engineering techniques, built between 1965 and 1967.

Designing a structure for the steep hillside was problematic, and Kappe subsequently..

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Ray Kappe

Los Angeles, USA
born 1927, Minnesota

Ray Kappe is an American architect born to Romanian immigrant parents. He is an award-winning architect and educator in Southern California. In 1972, he resigned his position as Founding Chair of the Department of Architecture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and along with a..

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Lovell Health House

Los Angeles, USA
by Richard Neutra

The Lovell Health House is an International style Modernist residence designed and built by Richard Neutra between 1927 and 1929. The home, in Los Angeles, California, was built for the physician and naturopath Philip Lovell. It is often described as the first steel frame house in the United..

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Maciej Nowicki

USA, India , Poland
born 1910, Chita

Matthew Nowicki (in Poland known as Maciej Nowicki) (born June 26, 1910 in Chita in Siberia, died 1 September 1950 in the Libyan Desert near Wadi Natrun in Egypt) was a Polish architect. He was notable in his day for being appointed chief architect of the new Indian city of Chandigarh. Add to a collection

Parc Güell

Barcelona, Spain
by Antonio Gaudí

Park Güell is a garden complex with architectural elements situated on the hill of El Carmel in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and built in the years 1900 to 1914. It has an extension of 17.18 ha (0.1718 km²), which makes..

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Maison du Brasil

Paris, France
by Le Corbusier

The house of Brazil is one of 23 national houses Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, on Brazil.
Founded in 1959, it welcomes students, profesors and Brazilian researchers who come to Paris as part of a university program, especially for doctoral or post-doctoral studies, or even..

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The Interbau Apartment was designed by Oscar Niemeyer with Soares Filho for the IBA'57 in the small suburb of Hansaviertel, Berlin. The Interbau Apartment is in the south-west corner of the Hansaquarter lies the eight-story building by Oscar Niemeyer and Soares Filho, Brazil's contribution to the..

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Miloš Bonča

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1932, Ljubljana

Milos Bonča graduated at Ljubljana’s Faculty of Architecture in 1958 at Edvard Ravnikar’s studio which invited him to be a part of group planners for the Revolution Square in Ljubljana, where he worked in the years 1960-1973. In 1960 he became an assistant of Ravnikar’s studio at Faculty of..

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Zlatko Ugljen

Bosnia and Herzegovina
born 1929, Mostar

Zlatko Ugljen is a Bosnian architect. He was born in Mostar in 1929 and he has designed a number of architectural achievements. His works include economic buildings, private housing, religious buildings and cultural institutions. Particularly interesting are his Hotels: "Ruža" in Mostar,..

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Robin Boyd

born 1919

Robin Boyd is considered one of the most influential Australian architects alongside Harry Seidler. Boyd was one of biggest proponents of the International Style in Australia and an advocate for public awareness on the benefit of good design.

Boyd's most renowned publication is the 1960 book..

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Jindřich Kumpošt

Brno, Czech Republic
born 1891, Brno

Jindřich Kumpošt was born in Brno on 13 July 1891 in Brno. In 1906 he was admitted to the Czech Polytechnic and then moved to Prostějov, where he worked in the Vulkania arts and crafts company. In 1913 he began to study at the Akademie der bildenden Künste, in Leopold Bauer's studio, in Vienna...

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The Homewood

Esher, United Kingdom
by Patrick Gwynne

A great piece of pure interwar modernist architecture, rare for UK and probably one of the best in the country. Patric Gwynne who designed the house for himself and his family just before the II WW, then in his 20's was completely unexperienced architect without any significant portfolio...

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Patrick Gwynne

born 1913, Portchester, Hampshire

Patrick Gwynne was an architect with Welsh roots born into a wealthy family. Even though his father thought Gwynne would become an accountant, he decided to attend Harrow school to study architecture. It was at that school where he got to know modernist architecture and became interested in it...

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Gertrude Kerbis

Chicago, USA
born 1926, Chicago

Gertrude Lempp Kerbis (1926 – June 14, 2016) was an American architect worked and studied under Carl Koch, Walter Gropius, and Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. Their influences are evident in many of Kerbis's designs. Born Gertrude Lempp in the Northwest side of Chicago, Illinois to working class,..

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Michiel Brinkman

born 1873, Rotterdam, South Holland

Michiel Brinkman was a Dutch architect and founder of an architectural firm in Rotterdam. Later this office would acquire international fame by its successors JA Brinkman, LC van der Vlugt , JH van den Broek and Jaap Bakema.

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and Applied Sciences at..

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Willem van Tijen

Rotterdam, Netherlands
born 1894, Wormerveer

Willem van Tijen ( Wormerveer, February 1, 1894 - Zandvoort, May 28, 1974 ) was a Dutch architect, one of the founders of social housing. He is one of the most important pioneers of national housing construction in the Netherlands. As architect he introduced the style of shake-hands architecture..

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