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Edward Durell Stone

born 1902, Fayetteville

Edward Durell Stone (March 9, 1902 - August 6, 1978) was a twentieth century American architect and an early proponent of modern architecture in the United States.

Stone was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a small college town in the northwest corner of the state. His family, early settlers of..

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The residential building in the 21st district of Vienna contains a total of 42 small apartments between 40 and 50m². Each has either a bright balcony or a private terrace. In the attic floor there are spacious apartments with associated large roof terraces.

While planning this building it was..

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Jose Antonio Coderch

Barcelona, Spain
born 1913, Barcelona

Jose Antonio Coderch studied at the School of Architecture of Barcelona. Two years after finishing his studies he established an office with Manuel Valls in Barcelona. He received several awards for architecture and design and Josep Lluis Sert proposed him as the member for Spain in the CIAM, the..

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Rome, Italy
by Luigi Moretti

Designed in 30s of the last century by Luigi Moretti for the ONB (Opera Nazionale Balilla) and restored in 2007, ex-GIL in Trastevere focuses different spaces and functions inside: representative offices, space for sports and recreational activities, health care and theatre. The building,..

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The lake pavilion ‘Seepavillon H1’ is situated on the south shore of Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia,
Austria. It is one of four newly erected buildings subordinate to the heritage - listed building ‘Schloss
Refinitz’, a stately home located on a peninsula surrounded by the waters of the lake...

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Josip Vandot Elementary School Kranjska Gora was a fine example of modern regional architecture in Slovenia. The architect continued rich architectural tradition of the Upper Zasavska valley and at the same time took over the characteristics of traditional architecture in the area. She continued..

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