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Juvet Landscape Hotel

Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway
by JSA

Juvet Landscape Hotel is located at Valldal, near the town of Åndalsnes in north-western Norway. Passing tourists are attracted by a spectacular waterfall in a deep gorge near the road, Gudbrandsjuvet. The client, Knut Slinning, is a local resident. The idea emerged as an opportunity to exploit..

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Cabin Verdehaugen

Fosen Coast, Norway
by Fantastic Norway

The cabin is situated on the top of a rocky hill at the outermost coast of Fosen (Norway). The building is carefully placed and designed in relation to the local terrain, the panoramic view and the specific climactic conditions in the area.

A variety of sheltered outdoor spaces enables a..

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New Cabaña

Girona, Spain
by Hidalgo Hartmann

The structure and location of country houses is the result of a century-long study of ways to
overcome conditionings such as topography and climate, and search for integration and
harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Most country houses were built in phases, as one can see in the variety..

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House on Lake Rupanco

Lago Rupanco, Chile
by Beals and Lyon

The house programme was meant to include a lounge and an office where books, photos and fishing tackle could be kept. The dining room, kitchen and terrace were to have visual continuity, participating at once together and separately in the one space. On the upper floor, the bedrooms are arranged..

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This cottage floats in the forest, its roof tilted to optimise the view over the treetops. The differences in ceiling heights were used to match the different purposes of the room.

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São Chico Private Retreat

São Francisco de Paula, Brazil
by MAPA (MAAM + StudioParalelo)

A shelter for the weekends. That is the proposal of this house located in São Francisco de Paula, mountain region of Rio Grande do Sul, 100 km away from Porto Alegre. Placed in the center of the area, surrounded by the forest, the house overcome a soft declivity, resting itself on a reinforced..

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The site is in Saimaa, the Finnish lake district. A rocky west-facing slope, growing pine, juniper, moss, lichen and blueberries, descends to the vast lake. The house is designed as a place to meet and spend time together for a multigenerational family. The plan investigates how architecture can..

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Los Molles House

Cachagua, Chile
by dRN Arquitectos, ...

Not having a direct view of the ocean allowed us to place this weekend house facing a less expected landscape. The open panorama of the Pacific Ocean has been replaced by an enclosed orientation towards a group of trees and the coastal hills of the east. These preexisting conditions characterized..

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The building sits tightly on the 387m contour spanning between the exotic garden of the neighbour to the South and the Tasmanian alpine bush to the North. The spanning between these two gardens is linked via a block spine wall retaining the mountain and enclosing the interior.

The finishes are..

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Element house

Anyang Park, Korea
by Sami Rintala

I received an interesting invitation last May. In the Seoul metropolitan area there is a satellite city called Anyang, a small, in Korean context, suburban town with 700.000 inhabitants.
The city had decided to invite several international architects and artists to participate the design of a..

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