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Lisbon, Portugal
est. 2012, Lisbon

JQTS is an architecture studio working between Lisbon and Hamburg. The office’s work consists in a serial research into the open field of architecture combined with a process of learning from the empirical knowledge.

João Quintela (Portugal) graduated in Architecture from Universidade..

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Lisbon, Portugal
est. 2009, Lisbon

KWY is a multidisciplinary platform investigating the nature of collaboration within the context of specific projects. It was founded by architects Ben Allen and Ricardo Gomes in Berlin, and curator and editor James Bae in Los Angeles. Projects include collaborations between artists, writers,..

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Ana Dana Beroš

Zagreb, Croatia
born 1979, Zagreb

Ana Dana Beroš is an architect, curator, editor, educator and exhibition designer, graduated cum laude from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, with international professional experience. She is a co-founder of non-profit group ARCHIsquad, a division for architecture with conscience, and project..

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Maite Borjabad Lopez-Pastor

New York and Chicago, USA
born 1988, Madrid

Maite Borjabad López-Pastor is a Spanish architect, curator and researcher based in Chicago and NY whose work revolves between architecture, art and politics. She is currently Curator at the Architecture and Design Department at the Art Institute of Chicago. Previously she has worked at The..

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This exhibition proposes a reflection on the spaces that materialize the “state of exception” and that are representative of power structures of today’s globalized world. In doing so, this exhibition aspires to claim the spatial articulations that make possible to institute and enforce the state..

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Pedro Ceñal Murga

Mexico City, Mexico
born Mexico City

Pedro Ceñal Murga is an architect, writer, curator, and researcher based in Mexico City. He is currently the assistant curator at Archivo, a space dedicated to exhibiting, researching and rethinking design and architecture in its many forms and outlets. Pedro was trained as an architect at the..

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Kieran Long

Stockholm , Sweden
born London

Kieran Long is a British journalist and curator specializing in architecture and design. Long has been a presenter in a number of television shows. Long graduated from Cardiff University in 1998 with a degree in English literature.

He has undertaken a number of journalism roles, including..

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