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Haus des Volkes Probstzella

Probstzella, Germany
by Alfred Arndt

The "Haus des Volkes" in Probstzella, a village in the Thuringian Slate Mountains nature reserve, was built for the industrialist Franz Itting and conceived as a hotel to attract tourists to the region and as cultural center for the local population. It was planned and realised by the Bauhaus..

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William N. Breger

born 1922, Manhattan

Born in Manhattan, New York City, William N. Breger, attended Stuyvesant High School in New York City, while "sneaking" into Cooper Union as a non-graduated high school student for a year before being discovered and thrown out at age 15.

He later held a graduate degree in Architecture from..

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Georg Muche

Berlin, Germany
born 1895, Querfurt

Muche was one of the youngest masters at the Bauhaus. The Haus am Horn, which was built to his designs, he had planned as his "dream home" actually for himself and his young wife El.

In 1913 he completed his secondary school in Fulda to study painting at the Painting and Graphics School in..

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Farkas Molnár

Budapest, Hungary
born 1897, Pecs

Farkas Molnár (June 21, 1897 – January 12, 1945) was a hungarian architect. He became a leading member of the Modern Movement between the wars. A powerful protagonist of International Modernism, Molnár designed several white-rendered blocky houses, with bold cantilevers and deep terraces, set in..

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Breuer House I is located in Connecticut as Breuer House II, New Canaan set on a gently rise having particular view to ornamental trees. The vigorously horizontal-lined house’s most dramatic feature is the cantilevered upper floor with it’s deep corner balcony suspended from tension cables of..

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Stillman House I

Litchfield, USA
by Marcel Breuer

The Stillman House I, a variation of Breuer’s “long house” form, was completed in 1951.

Stillman House I consists of a two-level rectangular box structure with extruded porches. On the upper level, an open plan unites kitchen, dining area, and living room as one efficient large space. The..

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Hoffmann Villa

Budapest, Hungary
by József Fischer

Hoffmann Villa, designed by József Fischer and constructed in 1935, is one of the gems of the Hungarian Bauhaus movement.

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Lilly Reich

Berlin, Germany
born 1885, Berlin

Lilly Reich (June 16th 1885 – December 14th 1947) was a German modernist designer. She was a close collaborator of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Lilly Reich was born in Berlin. Her career started as a designer of textiles and women's clothes. This experience was to be formative for her - giving her a..

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Brücke Museum

Berlin, Germany
by Werner Düttmann

The 1st of December 1964 marks the true birth of the "Brücke" Museum in Berlin: Karl Schmidt-Rottluff decided to give a generous donation and promised his artistic bequest to Berlin on the occasion of his 80th birthday. At the same time and advised by the art historian Professor Leopold..

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House Of Book Lovers

Budapest, Hungary
by Farkas Molnár

The House Of Book Lovers is located near the houses on Cserje street also designed by Farkas Molnár. This house was designed by Molnár in cooperation with Ferenc Popper in 1931-1932 for Dr. Ernő György.

The large villa sits near to the street-front fencing, and its closed entrance is only..

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The building was erected in two construction phases in 1904 and 1910–1911 by Henry van de Velde as the premises of the Grand-Ducal Academy of Art of Saxony. Along with the ‘Winkelbau’, completed in 1905–1906, which originally housed the Grand-Ducal College of Applied Arts, headed by van de Velde,..

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Thermometer House

Tel Aviv, Israel
by Yehuda Lulka

This unconventional building is known as the ‘Thermometer House’ because of the harsh vertical lines of diagonal, slatted windows running down its entire four-story length. It is less stout and massive than other Tel Aviv-Bauhaus buildings of the time, more streamlined and airy. Though this..

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Lotte Stam-Beese

Amsterdam, Netherlands
born 1903, Reisicht

Charlotte Ida Anna "Lotte" Stam-Beese was a German architect and urban planner who helped with the reconstruction of Rotterdam after World War II. Beese was born in Reisicht, Silesia, Germany (now Rokitki, Tczew County, Poland). As a young adult she first found work as a weaver in Dresden. She..

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Friedrich Engemann

Dessau, Germany
born 1898, Chemnitz

Friedrich Engemann was hired as a teacher of architectural drawing, construction and descriptive geometry at the Bauhaus. He temporarily took over direction of the building and interior design department as the deputy to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

The brother of Bauhäusler Herbert Engemann,..

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Hubert Hoffmann

Berlin, Germany
born 1904, Berlin

Hubert Hoffmann was borni in Berlin but spent his early years in Monte Verità, Ascona, where his father was working as an architect. He attended school in Hanover then completed an apprenticeship in agriculture in Eastern Friesland. He subsequently returned to Hanover to study at the Bauschule..

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Chicago Tribune Tower

Chicago, USA
by Adolf Meyer, ...

Within the scope of an international competition hosted by the newspaper Chicago Tribune in 1922, which invited designs for new office buildings, Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer submitted their much admired yet unrealized design for an exceptionally modern glass and metal high-rise, which..

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Haus Lange and Haus Esters are residential houses designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Krefeld, Germany. They were built between 1928 and 1930 in the Bauhaus style. The houses have now been converted into museums for Contemporary art.

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The Funkhaus is a building complex in Berlin 's Treptow-Köpenick district in which had seat and operated the radio of GDR from 1956 to 1990.

A broadcast house for the GDR radio programs was expanded in the building complex of a former plywood factory in Nalepastraße, located in the Soviet..

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Franz Ehrlich

Leipzig, Germany
born 1907, Leipzig

Franz Ehrlich was a German architect, calligrapher and graphic designer. Franz Ehrlich was a student at the Bauhaus in Dessau from 1927 to 1930. During his Bauhaus period he worked together with Walter Gropius on the Total Theatre project of Erwin Piscator and became engaged in sculpture and..

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Marianne Brandt

Chemnitz, Germany
born 1893, Chemnitz

Marianne Brandt (1 October 1893 – 18 June 1983) was a painter, sculptor, photographer and designer who studied at the Bauhaus school and became head of the metal workshop in 1928. Brandt's designs for metal ashtrays, tea and coffee services, lamps and other household objects are now recognized as..

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