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Philips Pavilion

Brussels, Belgium
by Le Corbusier, ...

The Philips Pavilion was a World's Fair pavilion designed for Expo 1958 in Brussels by the office of Le Corbusier. Commissioned by electronics manufacturer Philips, the pavilion was designed to house a multimedia spectacle that celebrated postwar technological progress. Because Corbusier was busy..

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The Egg

Albany, USA
by Wallace Kirkman Harrison, ...

The Egg is a performing arts venue in Albany, New York.

The construction of The Egg began in 1966 and was completed twelve years later in 1978. The Egg was designed by Wallace Harrison for all the people of New York State and to accommodate many events and performances.

Architecturally, The..

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Bertrand Goldberg

Chicago, USA
born 1913, Chicago

Architect Bertrand Goldberg was born in 1913 in Chicago, Illinois. He received his training at several institutions including the Bauhaus in Berlin, and through a tutorial with engineer Frank Nydam. He organized his own firm in 1937 after working in the offices of George Fred Keck (1935) and Paul..

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Pedro Campos Costa

Lisbon, Portugal
born 1972, Lisbon

Pedro Campos Costa (Lisbon, 1972) is a founder and managing partner of Campos Costa Architects. He develops R&D projects such as Lisbon Aquarium Extension or the Ozadi Tavira Hotel extension and rehabilitation, among other multidisciplinary activities from curatorial projects, stage design..

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Marjetica Potrč

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1953, Ljubljana

Marjetica Potrč is an artist and architect based in Ljubljana. Marjetica's work focuses on resilient habitat in spaces of across world-wide geography. She has worked in informal cites that arise as a result of the overflowing growth of the great urban centers. In this sense, her work offers a..

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Apolonija Sustersic has taken note of the Nordic winter darkness and its physchological effects and has transformed Prästgården (the Vicarage) just by the entrance to the Museum to a room which visitors are received by the host/hostess has been painted white and equipped with special lighting and..

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Moon Hoon

Seoul, South Korea
born 1968, Yeongwol County

Moon Hoon grew up near a coal mine in Jeongseon, in the eastern part of the peninsula near Pyeongchang. Later he moved to Tasmania, following a complex formative itinerary thanks to his scientist father. Moon conceptually challenges the commonplace notion of the architect and architecture. For..

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Célia Picard and Hannes Schreckensberger are developing body of work that succeeds in articulating questions linked to the field of architecture with those of contemporary art. Nourished by a subtle association of references to the modernism movement and its utopias, as well as to the vernacular..

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Gabriel Orozco

Mexico City, Mexico
born 1962, Veracruz

Gabriel Orozco (born April 27, 1962) is a Mexican artist. He studied at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas between 1981 and 1984 and at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid between 1986 and 1987. Orozco gained his reputation in the early 1990s with his exploration of drawing, photography,..

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Matej Andraž Vogrinčič

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1970, Ljubljana

Matej Andraz Vogrinčič is a Slovenian artist. He has been creating site-specific work in urban and natural environments since the early 1990s. He has built an international reputation by creating installations specific to local places, traditions, and histories – filling the most ordinary or..

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Didier Faustino

Paris, France
born 1968, Chennevières-sur-Marn

Didier Fiuza Faustino is an architect and artist working on the relationship between body and space. He started his own practice at the crossroad of art and architecture just after graduating in architecture in 1995. He has been developing since then a multi-faceted approach, ranging from..

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Case Study: Home focuses on the everyday living situation in transition. The project examines the relationship between the individual and the community, analyzing privacy and its different forms within the process of “homeing,” installing the space with the generators of good feeling, raising..

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Urška Jurman

Ljubljana, Slovenia
born 1973, Ljubljana

Since graduating in Art History and Sociology of Culture from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana in 2002, Urška Jurman, born in 1973, has been working as a freelance curator, critic, editor, organizer and mediator in the field of visual arts. She collaborated with different contemporary art..

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Solstice Arts Centre

Navanm Co. Meath, Ireland
by Grafton Architects

The site for this project occupies what was the historic market centre of Navan but now feels like a void used only for carparking except on Fridays when a market still takes place here. On the perimeter of the void are two stone churches with their spires and their dark purple slate roofs. But..

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Sliding Walls

New York, USA
by Vito Acconci

The subway-tile slips out of place to make seats on the subway-platform; it moves up & down & across the subway walls, it moves from underground to above-ground, & from inside to outside.

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Lisbon, Portugal
est. 2009, Lisbon

KWY is a multidisciplinary platform investigating the nature of collaboration within the context of specific projects. It was founded by architects Ben Allen and Ricardo Gomes in Berlin, and curator and editor James Bae in Los Angeles. Projects include collaborations between artists, writers,..

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The MOCA Yinchuan museum will be the first project developed within this new arts centre, its function will be to knit subsequent communities together enhancing the wellbeing of future local social infrastructure. Its location close to the yellow river which has been coined ‘the cradle of Chinese..

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Ana Dana Beroš

Zagreb, Croatia
born 1979, Zagreb

Ana Dana Beroš is an architect, curator, editor, educator and exhibition designer, graduated cum laude from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture, with international professional experience. She is a co-founder of non-profit group ARCHIsquad, a division for architecture with conscience, and project..

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Street Galery

Belgrade, Serbia
by Iva Čukić

Street Gallery was founded in April 2012 with the idea to turn the empty and neglected space in to a vibrant common space and to investigate new exhibiting practices, but moreover a new forms of socializing in public space.

Located in once neglected passageway in the city center and..

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In July 2012 was five years since the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade has been closed to public due to reconstruction, adaptation and expansion works that have not been finished until the present day. Only the first stage is completed, means the roof, the cellar facilities,..

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