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The Woloszczuk House

London, United Kingdom
by Ralf Pflugfelder

Symbiosis of English Tudor style & Neoclassicism - Efficiency and styles from Germany

In 2019, the Woloszczuk House from London won the Build it Award. The architect, Ralf Pflugfelder from Germany, based his design on the English Tudor style and the striking forms of neo-classicism, which are..

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Joseph-Jacques Ramée

New York, USA
born 1764, Charlemont

Joseph-Jacques Ramée (April 26, 1764 in Charlemont, France — May 18, 1842 at the Chateau de Beaurains, Noyon) was a French architect, interior designer, and landscape architect working within the neoclassicist idiom. He was a student of the architect and landscape architect François-Joseph..

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