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Art Nouveau

Project timeline

1905 – 1908


Monument & Memorial

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Alexandraweg 23
64287 Darmstadt

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Wedding Tower Change this

Darmstadt, Germany
by Joseph Maria Olbrich Change this

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The wedding tower, or Hochzeitsturm, was designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich. It forms part of the exhibition halls within the Darmstadt artists' colony.

It was commissioned by the Grand Duke of Hesse Ernst Ludwig as an impressive monument to commemorate his second marriage to Princess Eleonore Solms-Hohensolms-Lich, which took place on 2 February 1905. It was inaugurated in 1908. Olbrich wanted the tower to be the crowning work of the urbanisation of the Darmstadt artists' colony. The outcome is an emblematic building on the highest part of the hill. His tower would, therefore, become an element with which the city could be identified.

The lower section of the tower has white walls with simple red tile decoration. But the red brick tower itself, crowned by five curved spires covered with tiles, stands out powerfully over the rest of the complex. Its interior is divided into seven levels and it contains major art works, such as two mosaics by Friedrich Wilhelm Kleubens, some frescos by Ph. O. Schäfer and decorative figures from Heinrich Jobst.

The tower is now the headquarters for the Mathildenhöhe Institute, a centre which aims to promote contemporary art and culture in Darmstadt.


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