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Modernism, Modular

Project timeline

1952 – 1953


Private House

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Sanibel Island, Florida

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Walker House Change this

Sanibel Island, Florida, USA
by Paul Rudolph Change this
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The Walker House is one of the first works of Paul Rudolph built between 1952 and 1953, where his first evidenced in which the structure was the factor that generated design. In 1951, when Rudolph was the junior partner of the firm Twitchell & Rudolph, they designed a large house to be situated near the beach, commissioned by Dr. Walt Walker and his wife, but when separating the partners, Dr. Walker suggested Rudolph start by building the guest pavilion. A simple structure of metallic profiles riveted joints serves to lift the ground (and protect it from flooding and rodents) and to build ventilation system and protection. The idea was to make this small building an inexpensive, simple and compact construction in which a single elements could defend thieves, hurricanes and sun.



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