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Modernism, Reinforced Concrete

Project timeline

1954 – 1966



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Central Station
Santiago de Chile

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Portales Neighborhood Unit

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Villa Portales Change this

Santiago de Chile, Chile
by Fernando Castillo Velasco Change this

Unidad Vecinal Portales, Santiago, Chile, 1954, B.V.C.H ...

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The Villa Portales of the Portales Neighborhood Unit is a set of housing blocks, an emblematic work of modern architecture in Chile. Located in the commune of Central Station, in the city of Santiago, limits to the south and east with the University of Santiago, and to the north and west with the commune of Quinta Normal. The Neighborhood Unit is located in the polygon defined by El Belloto, Las Sophoras, El Arrayán, Las Encinas, Av. Portales and General Velásquez.

The Portales Neighborhood Unit occupies a land of 31 hectares, of which 6.2 are built. The complex consists of 1860 houses organized in 19 blocks, in single or double-storey houses, single apartments and duplexes in buildings of between 5 and 7 floors. It was designed in the 1950s by the BVCH architects' office (Bresciani, Valdés, Castillo and Huidobro) after being commissioned by one of the three companies of the Private Employees Prediction Fund (EMPART) in which a land sold by the University of Chile to EMPART, being built between 1954 and 1966. The project sought to solve the lack of housing.



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