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1976 – 1988


Culture & Entertainment

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Trojičné námestie 1
917 01 Trnava

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Trnava House of Culture Change this

Trnava, Slovakia
by Jozef Danák Change this
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The cultural centre is one of the most intriguing works of late Modernism in Trnava, enclosing the rear courtyards of an earlier structure of historic objects along Hlavná ulica.

The building’s skeleton has a flexible disposition, and reacts to the structuring of the surroundings. The main facade, facing onto Trojičné námestie, is divided along its central span; the individual modules are ended in a slanting roof intended to harmonise the modern addition to the historic setting. The eastern facade is flat, with marked strips of vertical concrete segments. The lapidary forms and the use of exposed concreted give the building a Brutalistic sense, reinforced by the steel framing left exposed in front of the side facade.


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