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Article last edited by Söhne&Partner on
April 01st, 2022

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Manfred Sodia

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Tailored living space for students and young professionals, along the Erdberger-Lände in Vienna’s 3rd district. The four individual building volumes are positioned and sculpted in such a manner that a dialogue between them finds place and relations between them are created. This generates differences in the exterior and interior areas of the building complex and enables individuality in their Design.

The high quality furnishing of the micro apartments are perfectly tailored to today’s fast paced times. All apartments offer a high level of comfort with their furniture and design. The apartments are compact and simple but cozy, creating a retreat and offering a balcony and a view over the city of Vienna. The many shared spaces such as lobby, washing lounges, and gaming rooms invite the national and international residents to establish contacts among each other.

The student apartments are positioned around the inner core of the building, which consists of four elevators. The additional communal areas are distributed over the individual floors. The lobby is located on the lower floor and gives a positive first impression. The concrete walls and the accentuation of the light reveal the modern, cozy atmosphere of the student residence.

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