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Slovenian Modernism, Terrace Housing, Residential Building, Modernism, Prefabricated Building

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1956 – 1957



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Peričeva ulica 10-20
1000 Ljubljana

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October 27th, 2020

Terraced Houses Change this

Ljubljana, Slovenia
by Fürst Danilo Change this

Terraced Houses, Danilo Fürst.

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One of the best examples of terraced houses in Slovenia. Concentrated, tall terraced houses designed in the 1950s have an extremely economical architectural design where every square meter of space is utilized. The houses were created as part of campaign the Housing for Our Conditions. Nowadays, such quality designs are the exception rather than the rule.

The north façade is masonry and the south façade is fully prefabricated. The colors on the south façade are pronounced: yellow, burgundy red. The ceilings are made of prestressed brick prefabricated beams. A wavy roof is typical. The interior is designed according to the principle of floor indentations. The heating and stove system is original.

Mostly the houses are well preserved. The renovation should take into account the quality of the listed parameters and, above all, the uniform external expression of individual ownership units.


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