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Australian Modernism, House Of The Architect, Modernism

Project timeline

1948 – 1948


Private House

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71 Clissold Rd
NSW 2076 Wahroonga

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Rose Seidler House Change this

Wahroonga, Australia
by Harry Seidler Change this
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This house near Sydney, Australia was designed in the Modernist style by the Austrian-born Australian architect Harry Seidler for his parents in 1948. It is now a museum open one day per week. It is managed by the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales as a museum that has been open to the public since 1991. Built in 1949-1950, it was futuristic and modern for Australia at that time. An outstanding example of mid-century-modern domestic architecture.

In 1991, Harry Seidler described the house's spatial design which was characteristic of his approach in the rest of his life's work: “this house explodes the surfaces that enclose a normal house or space, and turns it into a continuum of free standing planes, through which the eye can never see an end, you are always intrigued what’s beyond, you can always see something floating into the distance, there is never an obstruction to your vision, it is a continuum (of space), that I believe 20th century man’s eye and senses responds positively to” (“Rose Seidler House – the House that Harry built” Review, ABC TV, 14 April 1991).



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