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Tower, Constructivism, Factory

Project timeline

1929 – 1930



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Vasilievsky Island
St. Petersburg

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Krasny Gvozdilshchik

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Red Nailmaker Factory Change this

St. Petersburg, Russia
by Iakov Chernikhov Change this

Chernikhov's sketch of the factory

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The former steel-rolling factory "The Red Nailmaker " ("Krazny Gvozdilschik") is located in the southwest of Vasilievsky Island in St. Petersburg in the oldest industrial area, the Island of "The landmark of constructivism". The water tower was built in 1930-1931 after Iakov Chernikhov’s design.

It is the only realised project of Iakov Chernikhov, who is known more as a graphic designer. The architect created this impressive image and achieved the maximum dynamism and expressiveness of the composition by laconic means. The feeling of lightness of hovering construction has been achieved due to the thin supports directed high into the air and holding up the rounded-off protrusion of the elevated water tank. The corner position of the tower holds the perspective of the streets by its expressive dominant.

At present this building is in charge of the Association Steel-rolling mill. The cable-making shop has been rebuilt, and the tower is inoperative, the reinforced concrete structures are aging. The construction has an independent exit to the city and it can be used for municipal purposes.

The committee for state control, use and guarding of the landmarks of history and culture (KGIOP) of St. Petersburg has expanded for the last decade its activity aimed at the preservation of industrial monuments and architecture. This activity is devoted to using and including the buildings of industrial heritage into the modern urban environment ranging from organization of museums with the appropriate equipment to reconstruction for commercial, exhibitional and other functions.



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