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1933 – 1934



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Pasaréti út 137
1026 Budapest

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Pasaréti Páduai Szent Antal Plébánia

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Pasarét Church Change this

Budapest, Hungary
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Gyula Rimanóczy was a inventive and significant figure of modern Hungarian architecture in the 20th century.

His first large-scale work was the Franciscan Church of Pasarét along with the Bus terminal on Pasarét Square. The Franciscan Church of Pasarét was the second church following modernist ideals after the church in Budapest Városmajor designed by Aladár Árkay and Bertalan Árkay and built in 1933.

Several public buildings such as the Management of the Post Office or the Technique University of Budapest as well as cottages in Buda influenced greatly the architecture of the second half of the 20th century in Hungary.

Almost sixty exhibited sheets of design give good insight of the realized plans of the architect (the church in Bosnyák Square) and those designs of churches that have never been realized (Győr, Hatvan, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém, etc.).

His son, Jenő Rimanóczy, donated the heritage of Gyula Rimanóczy to the Hungarian Architectural Museum.



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