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Skyscraper, Lost Buildings Of New York, Forgotten Masterpieces, Forgotten Masterpiece, Brick, Masonry

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1875 – 1966



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154 Printing House Square, Nassau and Spruce streets
New York City

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New York Tribune Building Change this

New York City, USA
by Richard Morris Hunt, L. Thouyard, ... Change this
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The New York Tribune Building was a building built by Richard Morris Hunt in 1875 in New York City. It was built as the headquarters of the New York Tribune and was a brick and masonry structure topped by a Clock Tower. It was 260 feet (79 m) tall and when new the second-tallest building in New York, after Trinity Church. It was demolished in 1966. The Tribune Building was located at 154 Printing House Square at Nassau and Spruce streets, on the site of an earlier Tribune building. It was one of the first high-rise elevator buildings. Originally a nine-story building, between 1903 and 1905 nine more floors were added by the architects D'Oench & Yost and L. Thouyard to make it an 18-story high. The building has been put forward as a candidate for the first ever skyscraper. Pace University held its first classrooms in the building, renting out one room in 1906. The building was demolished in 1966 to make room for the 1 Pace Plaza building


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