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Modular, Laboratory, Modular Structures

Project timeline

2017 – ?



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Czech Republic

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Under Construction

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Ondrej Chybik, Michal Kristof, David Erik Bernatek, Lukas Habrovec, Martin Holy, Michal Klimes, Vojtech Kouril, David Medzihorsky, Petr Novak, Vladimir Sobich, Premek Zhor

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June 09th, 2020

Modular laboratory Change this

Vizovice, Czech Republic
by Chybik + Kristof Change this

modular laboratory

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While modular structures are usually created by placing right-angled modules side by side, we realize new spatial possibilities through the creation of a new modular system. Spatial modules containing facilities are leveled onto the planar flooring modules, which are anchored to the foundation. Both modules then function as columns, allowing them to hold the roof modules and form a continuous main space. Making sure to keep the workplace breathable, all-glass surfaces between the modules draw in an abundance of light from all sides of the structure, while a pair of skylights further relaxes the space. The Research Center will be a prototype of a new, adaptable system for various projects.

The building will serve as a flexible space for developing new ideas in modular constructions and a think-tank for the KOMA MODULAR factory. The open, shared central space will be spatially organized and segmented to avoid negative aspects of large open space offices. Drapes and other mobile elements will allow the space to be to further sectioned.

The work on the research center itself was preceded by designing a masterplan for an entrance and a public area for the factory. This zone is created around a triangular courtyard with greenery and a multifunctional amphitheater. Two sides of the courtyard are created by previously completed projects between architects and KOMA, the canteen and EXPO pavilion.


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