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Brutalism, Modernism

Project timeline

? – 1959



Location Change this

Silk Street
EC2Y 8DS London
United Kingdom

Current state


Architect Change this

Milton Court Change this

London, United Kingdom
by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon Change this
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Milton Court was a part of the Barbican Centre and was the first built part of the complex. The building was a concrete structure situated on an island site and was connected to the Barbican Centre by two bridges. The design reflected Le Corbusier's Shodhan House as well as the post-war architecture in the UK. Milton Court was used to house mainly public services, such as a fire station and corner's court. According to the city's government and planners the building didn't aesthetically correspond with the surroundings and was because of that demolished in 2008. Milton Court wasn't listed at English Heritage unlike the rest of the Barbican Centre.


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