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? – 2005


Private House

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29430 Keremma

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Anne Lacaton, Jean Philippe Vassal, David Duchein, Mathieu Laporte, Sylvain Menaud, Rafaël Falcon

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Site supervision
Gilbert Petibon (architect)

Structural engineers

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Keremma, France
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The plot of land is situated behind a dune some tens of meters from the sea to the north. One does not see the sea but one is permanently aware of it because of the sound, the wind, the clouds. The house includes three buildings designed by Lacaton & Vassal architects.


The house is inserted parallel to the northern and eastern edges of the plot, between a strip of woodland and a clearing. It consists of three separate buildings set out on the arc of a circle, convex face to the north, the bad weather, the wind; concave face to the south, thus crating a more intimate, protected and well-exposed external space.

The three volumes have the same size, surface, form and height, yet differ in their interior arrangement, the nature of their envelope, their way of being closed.
When open, the sliding shutters closing off the facades connect the houses together, defining a different relationship between inside and outside.


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