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1 Fusionopolis Way
138632 Fusionopolis

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Genexis Theatre Change this

Fusionopolis, Singapore
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Genexis Theater, Fusionopolis in Singapore, designed by ARUP and WOHA architects, was awarded Design Of The Year for the President’s Design Award at the Singapore Design Week 09. The design of the genexis theater rises to the challenge of an extremely difficult site, and succeeds through a cohesive amalgamation of highly technical solutions and innovation design. The result is a composite work of art and technology that transcends the site, and raises the bar for architectural and audio-visual system design for a performing arts venue.

The theater’s feature include 560 adjustable seats that are retractable to create a thrust stage, and yet movable in multiple directions. The use of 400,000 timber beads line the internally curved walls of an ovoid space with an acoustic solution reducing the echo to minimum.



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