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Furniture, Facade, Gallery, Showroom

Project timeline

2015 – 2016



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Czech Republic

Current state


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Ondrej Chybik, Michal Kristof, Victor Cojocaru, Martin Holy, Vojtech Kouril, Sarka Kubinova, Ondrej Mundl, Matej Strba

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Article last edited by Chybik Kristof on
June 09th, 2020

Gallery of Furniture Change this

Brno, Czech Republic
by Chybik + Kristof Change this

gallery of furniture by lukas pelech

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The new furniture showroom is located on the outskirts of a housing estate in Brno. The existing building did not suit the proposed function from a formal point of view . The concept has two sides, the first of which involves work with the interior and a focus on the presentation of a wide range of products, which the company either produces or distributes. The large indoor space is segmented by a system of spaces which are defined by sling curtains. The second side of the concept solves the design of facilities for staff consisting of offices, warehouse and technical and sanitary facilities. The new outdoor shell is formed by a structure of chairs of the company´s production.


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