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The design follows a severity of expression and is mixed up with an attempt to rethink the production of the so-called "Milanese architectural School". In the redesign of the small retail store, the volumes of the original spaces have been kept intact and any juxtapositions made by previous interventions removed. Within the original shell of the building, the architects wished to express a sensation of calm in a space characterised by a strong architectural identity. For this purpose, the materials chosen - natural brass, brushed glossy laquer, leather upholstery - recreate a sense of classic elegance and sincere simplicity. A backdrop with simple and clean lines has been created by covering the walls, ceiling and doorways in a smooth plasterwork and by positioning large square polished stone floor tiles underfoot.
The pieces of furniture, distinguished by their simple elegance and refined details, represent and rediscover the values of "artisan handmade" items and pursue the perfection of timeless realisation. The laquered green display systems are accentuated with brass-meshwork shelves and the accompanying brass detailing and fittings add a crisp grandeur to the space. The lighting beams, incorporating recessed spotlights, were expressly designed for the boutique and were produced by Viabizzuno.


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