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2001 – 2013



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Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, 37
08018 Barcelona

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Museu del Diseny

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Design Museum Change this

Barcelona, Spain
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The Barcelona Design Museum is one of the largest design museums in the world and one of the few with a specific objective, not only to be a space for design but also a catalyst for meeting and research on issues related to both cultural and economic benefits of the sector, within the contemporary market, constantly changing. Accompanied by the Torre Agbar of Jean Nouvel and the Encants Market of b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos, the hub becomes a key element for the renovation of this new strategic center of the city. It is oriented on the sea-mountain axis, following the recognizable lines of the Eixample grid, and acts as a directional reference point.

The design of the building was also conditioned by the proximity of the Agbar Tower, due to its obvious verticality. The new building dubbed popularly as "the stapler" is remarkably horizontal, establishing a dialogue, thus, with the tower. The design of a building that revolves around the design is a delicate act of balance: on the one hand, you have to provide a neutral receptacle that can gather all the chapters of your program and on the other express the ambitions of Barcelona to become a reference center Of international design.


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