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1985 – 1986



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Chapel on Rokko mountain Change this

Kobe, Japan
by Tadao Ando Change this
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The small Chapel on Mount Rokko faces the Pacific Ocean, and is composed of several elements - a bell-tower, a long colonnade with a glazed promenade, and a free-standing wall that partially obscures the view. All these lead to a massive concrete structure similar to many of Ando's other works. Ando has, in fact, designed a building that is essentially western - a church, into which he has integrated Buddhist and Shinto architectural concepts, thereby creating a fascinating intercultural synthesis.


Posted by Guest | Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 | 12:02pm
In case anyone is considering visiting Rokko Chapel; be aware that the connecting hotel has closed down and the site is closed off and in an overgrown state. I was there today, it was sad to see such an inspiring piece of architecture neglected.

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