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1726 – 1742


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Piazza Bellini 1

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October 02nd, 2020

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Palermo, Italy
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The Real Teatro Bellini or Regio Teatro Carolino is a theater in Palermo built in 1726. The history of the theater begins in 1676 with the Travaglino Theater, a popular theater that takes the name of a popular Palermo mask. Subsequently, a large Italian-style theater was inaugurated, the Teatro Santa Lucia takes the name of the Marquis Valguarnera di Santa Lucia, owners at the time. The theater, inaugurated in 1726, was conceived and built entirely of wood and could accommodate 500 spectators and was considered the most important theater in the city until the mid-nineteenth century. Initially it was called the “dei Travaglini” or “di Travaglino” theater (name of a popular Palermo mask).

When the Neapolitan court moved to Palermo, with the revolution of 1799, Queen Maria Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine became a frequenter and the theater in her honor became Real Teatro Carolino. It underwent several renovations, the first in 1808 by Nicolò Puglia and a subsequent one in 1840 in which the front of the building was rebuilt by the architect Rosario Torregrossa Palazzotto.

In 1848 the theater was named after the famous Catania composer Vincenzo Bellini. From 1907, the theater continued to function for variety shows. The theater is also requisitioned by the US military in 1943 during Operation Husky and used as a movie theater for soldiers. But not only that, even before the war event, and even later until the early sixties, the theater was used as a cinema.

In 1964 the building was damaged by a fire and later recovered by the Biondo Stabile Theater in Palermo and thanks to the professionalism of its theater director Claudio Grasso who regained the license from the Palermo police headquarters and returned the theater to its original function in the 1980.

On April 17, 2019 the Terradamare cooperative from Palermo opened the theater to visits with the desire to relaunch the shows.



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