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Brutalism, Church

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March 21st 1928, Nohl, Switzerland

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Basel, Switzerland

Walter Förderer Change this

Change thisBasel, Switzerland
born 1928, Nohl
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Walter Maria Förderer (March 21, 1928 - June 29, 2006) was a Swiss sculptor, architect, university teacher and politician. He became known mainly through the construction of churches and schools.

Förderer's architectural office in Basel existed from 1958-1964. He collaborated with Rolf Georg Otto and Hans Zwimpfer. From 1970-1978 he founded an office together with his longtime employees Rudolf Lüscher and Jost Meier. Afterwards he gave up the architecture completely and devoted himself to sculpture.

In 1965 he began his teaching career as a professor for cooperative design at the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, from 1986 as honorary professor for design at the University of Stuttgart. In 1993 he became emeritus.

Walter Förderer was a major representative for neo-expressionist church architecture of the 1960s. Its concretely designed church buildings are characterized by polygonal floor plans, the combination with a parish center, intricate and nested volumes as well as an indirect lighting. Förderers architectural work is limited to almost 20 years, which explains the artistic unity of his work. Before and after were sculptural works.



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