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Participatory Architecture


1996, Venice, Italy

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TAM Associati
2731 Dorsoduro
30123 Venice, Italy

TAM Associati Change this

Change thisVenice, Italy
est. 1996, Venice

TAM Associati at the Italian Pavilion of Biennale

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About Change this

The design studio TAM Associati is a professional practice active in the fields of sustainable architecture, urban planning, landscape design, participatory processes, graphic design and social communications. The Italian team is known worldwide for health care works carried out in the African continent.

Taking care, the motto of the office, it is a response towards unlimited growth and exploitation; it is a precise will for architectural design rooted in mutual respect towards human beings and environmental tasks, as architecture concerns both of them. Taking care gives a direction to the many issues of contemporary architecture: art, landscape, economy, technology; and it results achieved in many works of the practice about health-care structures, cultural buildings, and public spaces in any context. Taking care becomes a valuable praxis in architect’s work: the consciousness of creating always new meanings and possibilities for people in accordance to spaces.


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