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Queer Nature, Future Architecture Platform, Landscape Architecture


2018, Basel, Switzerland

Selected Architecture

Practice / Active in Change this

Studio Céline Baumann
Basel, Switzerland

Awards Change this

  • 2010 - Urban Art Prize, séminaire R. Auzelle
  • 2019 - Future Architecture alumni
  • 2019 - Akademie Solitude fellow

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April 03rd, 2020

Studio Céline Baumann Change this

Change thisBasel, Switzerland
est. 2018, Basel

Céline Baumann I Garden State I Theater Festival Basel

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About Change this

Céline Baumann is a French landscape architect and spatial designer. Over the years she has worked in a variety of contexts, reflecting her personal interest for international exchange and cross-cultural environments. Her approach is contextual and pragmatic, her design process holistic and keen on detail. She aims at creating dynamic open spaces informed by the interactive ecology between people and nature, be it on the scale of the territory, in public spaces or atop roof tops and in private gardens. This design work is complemented by a commitment to writing and research. Participation in lectures, events, and workshops allows her to explore the collective value of nature and its impact on individuals.


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