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Contemporary Architecture, Sixpack Architects


1996, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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SADAR + VUGA d.o.o.
Tivolska 50
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Jurij Sadar
Boštjan Vuga
Bevk Perović
OFIS Architects

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  • 2003 - Eccs Steel Design Award Luzern, Switzerland for Mercator Shopping Centre
  • 2009 - Golden Pencil Award Ljubljana, Slovenia for Villa Beli Križ
  • 2011 - Platinum Pencil Ljubljana, Slovenia for extensive work
  • 2011 - Best Steel Structure in Slovenia 2010 for Multipurpose Sports Hall Stožice
  • 2011 - Župančič Award for Sports Park Stozice
  • 2012 - Trend Award Ljubljana, Slovenia for Cultural Center of EU Space Technologies
  • 2012 - Mies van der Rohe Award - nomination for Multipurpose Sports Hall Stožice
  • 2013 - Iconic Award German Design Council for Air Traffic Control Center and KSEVT
  • 2013 - Golden Pencil Award for Cultural Center of EU Space Technologies
  • 2013 - Plečnik Award for Cultural Center of EU Space Technologies

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"The architect has a manifold role in contemporary society. He is the conductor in an integral design process, he has to be a great communicator, he is still injecting new impulses into the society."
Sadar Vuga

Sadar Vuga Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
est. 1996, Ljubljana

Boštjan Vuga and Jurij Sadar

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SADAR+VUGA was founded by Jurij Sadar and Boštjan Vuga in Ljubljana in 1996. Over the past decade and a half it has focused on open, innovative and integral architectural design and urban planning. The portfolio of built work ranges from innovative town planning to public space sculpture, from interactive new public buildings to interventions within older existing structures. Over the past two decades the company has been an incubator of critical European architectural practice focusing on open, innovative and integrated architectural design and urban planning.

The office has a forward-leaping and often critical approach, covering a wide spectrum of production from urban planning to interior design. The stimulation for its projects comes from visual, audial and textual information, from art and fashion, science and technology, allowing them to generate a sensitive and responsive environment to live in. The client base reflects the diversity of the office, ranging from municipal and central governments, private and national arts bodies, to local clients and international developers. For its projects the office has been awarded numerous prizes, such as Bauwelt Prize, Iconic Award, Archmarathon Award, Piranesi award and has been nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award eight times.
The office’s work is featured as part of the permanent collection at the Architekturmuseum der TU München and MAO Ljubljana and published in monographs SADAR+VUGA: A Review, Formula New Ljubljana, DD17:Tendencies and 3D-2D:Adventures In and Out of Architecture.


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