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Vienna, Austria

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Los Angeles, California, USA

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Richard Neutra

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Change thisLos Angeles, California, USA
born Vienna, Austria
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Rudolph Michael Schindler (born Rudolf Michael Schindler, 1887–1953) was an Austrian who emigrated to the United States. His most important works, mostly private houses, were built in or near Los Angeles during the early to mid-twentieth century. Although he worked and trained with some of its foremost practitioners, he often is associated with the fringes of the modern movement in architecture. His inventive use of complex three-dimensional forms, warm materials, and striking colors, as well as his ability to work successfully within tight budgets, however, have placed him as one of the true mavericks of early twentieth century architecture. Mostly, his work escaped widespread publication during his lifetime, but has developed a critical resurgence since the 1980s.


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