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South Korean Architecture, Art, Experimental

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1968, Yeongwol County, South Korea

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2F, 789-21, Yeoksam Dong Gangnamgu
Seoul, South Korea

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Charles Correa

Moon Hoon Change this

Change thisSeoul, South Korea
born 1968, Yeongwol County
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Moon Hoon grew up near a coal mine in Jeongseon, in the eastern part of the peninsula near Pyeongchang. Later he moved to Tasmania, following a complex formative itinerary thanks to his scientist father. Moon conceptually challenges the commonplace notion of the architect and architecture. For him drawings are a manifestation of "creative terrorism", opposing the monolithic and neutral world that institutions would have us believe is the only possible reality.

His idea of making architecture as a continuous flirting with the client can be traced to his MIT graduation thesis in 1993. At this time Moon was fully immersed in Hinduism and Indian philosophy, but he also admired the architecture of Tadao Ando and Lebbeus Woods. He was fascinated by the landscape of Varanasi, where sacred and profane, life and death, cremation and bathing coexist. During his study professor Charles Correa despised most of Moon's academic projects and even tried to dissuade him from becoming an architect. Having barely graduated, Moon had a hard time finding a job since no one would write him a letter of introduction. Moon places drawings on the same level as real constructions, since both are different manifestations of an identical desire, only different in their means of expression.



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