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Yugoslavian Modernism, Modernism

Birth date / place

1934, Podgorica, Montenegro

Selected Architecture

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Republic Planning Institute - RZUP
Podgorica, Montenegro


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January 06th, 2020

Milan Popović Change this

Change thisPodgorica, Montenegro
born 1934, Podgorica
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Milan Popović graduated in Belgrade in 1959 and spent most of his working years as one of the architects at Republic Planning Institute (RZUP) in Podgorica, Montenegro. He created architecture of lasting value, which at the time was recognized by multiple prestigious “Borba” architectural awards. In 1965 he received the December Award, the highest recognition awarded by the City of Podgorica. Today, a street in Montenegrin capital is named after him.

His most important works include:

Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics, Podgorica (1962)
Elementary school “Maksim Gorki”, Podgorica (1965)
Hotel “Oliva”, in cooperation with Vladislav Plamenac, Petrovac (1965)
“Zetafilm” building, Budva (1965)
Hotel “Korali”, Sutomore (1968)
Hotel “Montenegro”, Budva (1970)
Home of Sailors, Kotor (1971)
Hotel “Plavi horizonti”, Tivat (1972)
Clinical Hospital Center in cooperation with Božidar Milić, Podgorica (1973)
Technical Faculties Building, in cooperation with Pavle Popović, Podgorica (1975)
Hotel “Kastel Lastva”, Petrovac (1975)
Housing development “Nervin”, Petrovac (1975)
Student dormitory with a restaurant, Podgorica (1977)
Hotel “Miločer”, Budva (1978)
Three hotels in Iraq (1978)


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