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Socialist Realism, Functionalism

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July 23rd 1896, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Jože Plečnik
Ivan Vurnik

Herman Hus Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
born 1896, Ljubljana
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Herman Hus belongs to the first generation of Vurnik and Plečnik. He was an architect, publicist and teacher. It is one of the most important architects of Slovenian functionalism. Early works include characters of expressionism and the new reality (Hotel Stara pošta Kranj, Park Bled 1929). Residential house Small skyscraper represents a functionalist case in both formal as well with regard to housing standard (elevator, central heating). His last works represents factory Tuba in Ljubljana (1933), Hotel Evropa in Kranj (1935). After the war he elaborated a plan for Novo Mesto (1946). An important object represents the building of the former MK ZKS on Resljeva street in Ljubljana (1949), where he uses Plečnik’s language and define a version of socialist realism.


  • Enciklopedija Slovenije, editor Marjan Javornik, Ljubljana: Mladinska knjiga, 1987-2002.


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