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1974, Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona, Spain

Estudio Viaplana-Piñón Change this

Change thisBarcelona, Spain
est. 1974, Barcelona

Albert Viaplana working on Lesseps plaza, 2008

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Albert Viaplana i Veà (1933-2014)and Helio Piñón (1942-) was a Catalan practice till 1997. They have been described as minimalist and modern, applying rational and harmonious regional features traditionalism. An important milestone in their work was the Station Square (1983). The resignation from the historical evocation and the deconstruction of its elements and the ahistorical way somehow denied the historical reality of the site in favor of abstract conceptual fragmentation. Typological elements were considered one of the early deconstructivism.

In late 1997 Piñon Helio decided to separate from Albert Viaplana, mainly because of the growing weight of Viaplana in the works of both, creating architectures that Piñon could not be identified to.


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