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Slovenian Modernism, Women In Architecture, Pioneer Architect

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1908, Pazin, Croatia

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ivan Vurnik

Dušana Šantel Kanoni Change this

Change thisLjubljana, Slovenia
born 1908, Pazin

Dušana Šantel Kanoni

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Dušana was born in Gorizia, in 1925. She enrolled at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana. Her mentor was Ivan Vurnik, she finished her studies in 1932. She became the first female graduate in architecture in Slovenia. After one year of practice with architect Dragotin Fatur, she recieved a French scholarship and continued her studies in Paris (1933-34) at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, at the Decorative Arts Department. She was versatile, her work includes from teaching children decorative drawing, designing toys, working in ateliers, furniture, landscape architecture, producing drafts, and building adaptation. The society of that time wasn’t in favour of employing women in technical professions, so she had a hard time finding a real job. She was awarded the Enfance et Jeunesse diploma. In 1933 she presented her designs at the exhibition of the Little Entente artists and at the exhibition of Young Slovenian Arhitecture in the Jakopič pavilion. During second world war she worked for the Vinko Križaj company, and in 1945 passed the professional exam. After the war, she was employed as a professor and a junior civil engineer in various state services. In 1950 she finished her professional work because of an serious disease.


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