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David Jameson Architect
4435 Wisconsin Ave NW 410
DC 20016 Wisconsin, USA

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David Jameson Architect

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The architecture of David Jameson, FAIA, uses kaleidoscopic views, orientations, and materials to form revelatory residential experiences. This experiential Modernism is conceptually extroverted and bold, twisting and elevating pavilions and planes into witty turns of view to create fresh notions of residential placemaking.

But, Jameson’s design sensibility is humble, unassuming, and grounded in Maryland’s rural Eastern Shore where he grew up. He’s been influenced by the vernacular stick-framed barns and houses that make up this stretch of mid-Atlantic coastline, carefully examining the relationship of forms and the peculiar in-between spaces that happen when a barn joins a house, and a garage, and a shed, and an improvised, agrarian village is created despite itself. In his own work, Jameson designs buildings that then assume their own agency in forming unique relationships with various levels, elevations, and volumes via inspiring interstitial spaces.

To this day Jameson is a local, primarily residential architect, practicing largely in the Washington, DC, area and basing his firm in Alexandria, Va. But his ideas about the joy of multifaceted building perspectives and his willingness to pay design modernity its due have given him room to expand. He’s currently working on a 15,000 to 20,000-square-foot multi-unit residential project in Woodside, Calif., that hides unexpected and enigmatic spaces within asymmetrical and orthogonal planes of varying materiality; each nook and cranny planned and executed as a wholly lyrical expression.


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