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August 22nd 1930, Karlovac, Croatia

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"You have to feel, experience and understand the space's spirit in which you create."
Boris Magaš

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born 1930, Karlovac
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Boris Magaš (August 22, 1930 in Karlovac - October 24, 2013 in Rijeka) was a Yugoslav and Croatian architect. He graduated in 1955 from the faculty of architecture at the University of Zagreb, where he then spent several years as a lecturer. From 1967 he was head of the design department of the Zagreb Architects' offices Interinženjering , from 1969 chief designer at Građevno projektni zavod (Institute for Construction Projects) in Rijeka. At the University of Rijeka, where he received his doctorate in 1977 , he was from 1974 Associate Professor, 1980 Professor of Architecture . In 1983 he was Professor of Architecture at the University of Zagreb and in 2001 he went into retirement.

The most famous building designed by Magaš is the Stadion Poljud in Split (1979), hotel facilities (Haludovo Palace Hotel, Krk), Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo. He also designed churches, such as the Augustin- Kazotic Church of the Dominicans in the Zagreb district Peščenica - Žitnjak (1998).



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