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Women In Architecture, Functionalism

Birth date / place

June 20th 1929, Prague, Czech Republic

Selected Architecture

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Šrámková Architekti
Na Šafránce 25
10100 Prague, Czech Republic

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  • 1994 - Personality of Czech Architecture Award
  • 2007 - Honor of the Czech Chamber of Architects
  • 2008 - Medal of Merit
  • 2010 - Ministry of Culture Award for contribution to architecture

Alena Šrámková Change this

Change thisPrague, Czech Republic
born 1929, Prague
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Alena Šrámková (born 20th June 1929 in Prague ) is a Czech architect referred to as first lady Czech architecture, author and co-author of a number of significant buildings in the style of postmodernism (CKD building on Wenceslas Square, Central Station concourse in Prague Meteorological station Šerák, new CTU building in Prague).

She spent her youth in Slovakia where she graduated from the Slovak Technical College in Bratislava (Architecture and Civil Engineering) and AVU in Prague (Master's School of Architecture). She started working with Chemoprojekt, later with her husband, Jan Šrámek. Since 2005 she has her own studio Šrámková architekti. She is a professor at ČVUT and at the same time she is a member of the Art Council of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Their has always been controversy surrounding her style of architecture, mostly due to its extreme simplicity. She has been active since the 1950s. Her most recent building, symbolically the home of the faculty of architecture of Prague Technical University, was opened in September 2010.



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