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A69 - Architekti
Nad Malým mýtem 2a/1739
147 00 Prague, Czech Republic

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Change thisPrague, Czech Republic
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Originally established in Cheb and currently operating in Prague in particular, A69 studio is run by architects Boris Redčenkov, Prokop Tomášek and Jaroslav Wertig, who work in collaboration with several colleagues. Coming onto the Czech scene in 1994, the members of A69 – architekti have created many successful projects of various types and sizes in 11 years of their existence. The best known of them include Sanatorium Dr. Peták and revitalization of Anglická Street (both projects in Františkovy Lázně), along with the new residential development called Villa Park Strahov in Prague. The studio is systematically involved in design work on one-family houses with characteristic features. The major project that is currently being carried out by the A69 architects aims to develop Central Park Praha. This unique residential complex introduces a housing concept that has been fully appreciated by residents of world megalopolises from New York to Paris, London and Tokyo.



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